TypeTastic! Ad Policy

Why do we have ads?

We are committed to offering the currently available TypeTastic! learning games free for everyone, and this would not be possible without ads. However, we’re very picky who we work with, and our ads go through a very strict screening process. This ensures that our ads are child-friendly and responsible.

We also wanted to make sure that teachers approve our advertising policies and for that reason, we talked to a lot of teachers while developing TypeTastic!. A majority of the teachers preferred to have access to a free study material that’s made possible by child-friendly advertisements.

How do we ensure child-friendliness?

We are a responsible EdTech player with a very strict ad screening process. We will do our best to ensure that our ads are suitable for our target audience with a rigid, 3-step approval process.

1 . COPPA compliance

We only work with ad networks that are fully COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) compliant. This ensures that the ads are appropriate content-wise and that the children’s personal data will not be collected. You can find more information from our Privacy Policy.

2. Manual screening
(coming soon)

COPPA ensures that the ads are appropriate for children under 13. However, a lot of our users are 6-9 years old. For that reason, we are going to have a manual screening process in place by the end of spring 2017. This means that there will be a real person monitoring and blocking ads that are clearly geared towards older kids.

3 Customer feedback

If you still see an inappropriate ad, you’ll be able to report it here or by clicking “Report inappropriate ad” link next to the ad.

How do I get rid of ads?

We want our teachers to have an awesome TypeTastic! experience! So very soon, you’ll be able to choose if you’d rather pay not to see any ads. Starting from fall 2017, there will be a possibility to remove all the ads for a small fee. However, please let us know if you feel strongly about the ads right now, and we will provide you with a code that will remove the ads instantly.

If you are looking for a complete typing solution for your students, you can take a look at our subscription-based Typing Quest keyboarding course. By purchasing Typing Quest, you’ll get a full keyboarding course, all TypeTastic! games, and a dashboard tool without any ads.