TypeTastic Ad Policy

Why do we have ads?

Our mission is to bring TypeTastic available for everyone, and that's why TypeTastic.com is completely free with ads. However, we’re very picky who we work with, and as a result our ads are always COPPA compliant. This ensures that our ads are child-friendly and responsible.

COPPA compliance

We only work with ad networks that are fully COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) compliant. This ensures that the ads are appropriate content-wise and that the children’s personal data will not be collected. You can find more information from our Privacy Policy.

Report an ad

If you still see an inappropriate ad, you’ll be able to report it here.

Ad-free Choices for Schools

We know that many teachers prefer to go ad-free and to serve the needs of our TypeTastic community better, we have released TypeTastic Free Kickstart. The Ad-free Edition has all the 150+ activities available. By signing up, you will get a full access to TypeTastic Free Kickstart!

TypeTastic School Edition includes a fun and inspiring K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. Watch your students embark on a thrilling island adventure to collect words and letters in bright and exciting landscapes while becoming fluent typists.