Upper Elementary

6 Units • 280 Activities

Unit 2 • All Fingers Aboard

Get all your fingers in the game! By playing these fun games, you will get all the fingers moving on the keyboard. Just like that! As a result, it will be easy to move on to practice keyboarding. Pedagogics

Unit 4 • Ready, Set, Type!
Unit 5 • Full Speed Ahead
Unit 6 • Catch those Numbers

It's time to reach further into the depths of your keyboard. Use everything you've learned so far to catch the numbers on the upper row.

Unit 7 • The Secret of Symbols

The secret of fast coding: knowing your symbols. This unit teaches Internet characters, mathematical symbols and different kinds of brackets.

Unit 8 • Know Your Numpad

Knowing your numpad is the last piece of completing your keyboarding puzzle. After completing this unit you're keyboarding skills are complete.

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