K-2 Elementary

3 Units • 260 Activities

Unit 1 • My Keyboard Adventure
Mouse or Touch screen

Let's Build a Keyboard!

Let's start our adventure by building keyboards from letter blocks. After that, frogs will teach you how to spot letters on the keyboard quickly. Finally, Cupcake Bugs will help you to remember where all those letters are located. Pedagogics

Keyboard or Touch screen

Hop onto the Keys!

Now that you know your way around the keyboard, it’s time to hop onto the keys and start tapping! First you need to pop some serious cosmic bubbles to release butterflies. Then, it's time to find lost ducklings from the caves. Pedagogics

  Unit 2 • All Fingers Aboard
Keyboard Required

All Fingers Aboard!

Get all your fingers in the game! By playing these fun games, you will get all the fingers moving on the keyboard. Just like that! As a result, it will be easy to move on to practice keyboarding. Pedagogics

Unit 3 • Ready, Set, Type! Jr

TypeTastic School Edition

TypeTastic School Edition includes a fun and inspiring K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. Watch your students embark on a thrilling island adventure to collect words and letters in bright and exciting landscapes while becoming fluent typists.

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